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Engineering Photoelectric Isolated Type Interface Converter

Item No.YSF-C191
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Engineering Photoelectric Isolated Type Interface Converter
Product model: YSF-C191
Bright spot: power 9-30VADC/350mA, no points or negative, just pick up, can work normally, the market product is to be positive, negative, or unable to work. This product to avoid this problem, no need to use the meter to measure the power line of positive and negative.
  SP-4520 industrial grade photoelectric isolation type interface converter, compatible with RS-232C, RS-422, RS-485, RS-232 signal can be converted to single end balance RS-422 or RS-485 signal, photoelectric isolator built-in, can provide high isolation voltage up to 2500Vrms, with fast transient voltage suppression protector, the protector is designed to the protection of the RS-422/RS-485 interface, using today's advanced TVS (TRANSIENT VOLTAGE SUPPERSSOR) transient voltage suppressor, normally TVS tube in a high impedance state, when the TVS pipe subjected to high energy impact moment, it can at high speed, the impedance at both ends of the lower, absorbing a large current, and the voltage clamp both ends at a predetermined value, the protection circuit element back from being damaged due to transient high pressure shock. The protector can effectively inhibit lightning (LIGHTNING) and ESD, and every line of 600W lightning surge protection of power, and for various reasons in the line of surge voltage and transient overvoltage and minimum capacitance ensures the high-speed transmission of RS-422 or RS-485 interface. The RS-232 interface is connected with the standard interface of DB9 by means of a RS-232C connector, and the RS-485 and RS-422 are the output end of the ten bit terminal. Inside the converter with zero delay automatic transceiver conversion, unique I / O circuit automatic control and data flow direction, without any handshake signals (such as RTS, DTR, etc.), without jumper settings to achieve full duplex (RS-422), half duplex RS-485 mode conversion, plug and play. Make sure that all the communication software and interface hardware is suitable for all the existing communication software and interface hardware.
  SP-4520 industrial grade optoelectronic isolating type interface converter can provide a reliable connection is point-to-point and point to multipoint communication, point to multi point per unit converter allows 128 RS-422 or RS-485 interface device is connected, the data communication rate 300-115.2Kbps, with a power supply indicating lamp and data flow indicator can indicate that a fault condition, support communication RS-232 to RS-422 and RS-232 to RS-485 conversion.
Performance parameter:
1 compatible with RS-422, RS-485, TIA/EIA RS-232 standards

2 automatically send / receive data, no external traffic control signal (RTS), the real three line (TXD.RXD.GND) communication

3 communication rate: 300bps-115.2Kbps

4 to connect 128 RS-485 or RS-422 interface devices

5 communication distance: 5000 meters (9600BPS)

6 power supply and data traffic lights, can detect the fault point

7 work mode: asynchronous half duplex asynchronous full duplex (RS-485) or (RS-422) general, without jumper settings
8 photoelectric isolation (/500VDC 2.5KVrms insulation), dedicated DC/DC module, RS-485/422 provides each line 1500W lightning, surge, ESD +/-15KV protection and prevention of common interference

9 electrical interface: DB9 pass to ten terminal

10 transmission medium: twisted or shielded wire

11 dimensions: 117mm* 80mm*25mm

12 use environment: -40℃ to 85℃, the relative humidity is 5% to 95%

13 for all communication software, plug and play

14 working power supply: 9-30VADC/350mA (not positive or negative, the market must be common, otherwise it can not be used, but this product with a smart recognition function, to overcome this problem)

15 support Linux DOS/WIN95/WIN98/WIN2000/NT/XP


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